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2 New Tracks Released!

2011-08-24 10:46:37 by cyan11

LandPhal - Original Track

To the End of Destiny - VG Arrangement

The original track is an experimental track using synths. The second is a piano-driven cover of songs from the gameboy game Final Fantasy Legend 2. Check 'em out and rate! Comments are even better!

New VG Arrangement Released!

2011-08-23 09:54:30 by cyan11 /441447

This is my rendition of Schala/Zeal themes from Chrono Trigger.

New Original Release!

2011-08-22 11:09:31 by cyan11

: n/441266

Point of Contention

You guys should like this one better than my last release (solace), this was one of my later works and the song is much more complex. Please rate if you listen, review if you have the time. Thanks!

New song posted! This is the first of my VG covers here at NG. I will be releasing more shortly.

Orchestral Video Game Arrangement - You Begin Your Quest from Magician(NES)

Comments/reviews/votes will be GREATLY appreciated!


New Arrangement from Magician(NES)

My Debut here at NG!

2011-08-18 21:22:39 by cyan11

Hi all, I'm new to Newgrounds and have just posted my first song. Please take a listen if you have the chance, and leave a comment if you like, it would be greatly appreciated! I will be posting more of my music as time goes on. This one is called "The Trial," it is an ambient track, but not in the traditional sense of the genre. Actually I don't know how to categorize it. Anyways it has piano, guitar, and ambient synths. Hope you enjoy! -Glenn /437467

Hello There!

2011-08-09 10:05:37 by cyan11

I am awaiting approval for my first audio track posting here on NG, so in the meantime check out my youtube channel for a couple of my tunes.

I composed many tracks using FL Studio, some are original compositions and some are arrangements of video game music. Back when the site VGMix was active I posted my covers up there and I post my originals on, both under the name glenji2k4. In addition I have entered the Dwelling of Duels competition a few times, under the name 'the akkadian.'

I wanted to find a good place to post my old music, and maybe I'll start composing again in the near future. As for now, below is my portfolio, I plan to release some of the songs below here on NG (some were unreleased or wips):
O=original C=cover
The Trial (O)
Solace (O)
Journey Across a Thousand Lands (O)
The Queen and the Zealot (C)
Winter Spirits (C)
To the end of Destiny (C)
Call of the Brave (C)
7 Mystic Runes (C)
A Hope Foregone (C)
Ninjastory (C)
You Begin Your Quest (C)
Waves of Oblivion (C)
A Reckoning (O)
Revelations (O)
Point of Contention (O)
Last Moment's Breath (O)
A Holy Light (C)
Earth Child (C)
Crystalline (C)
Dirge of the Damned (C)
A Safe Place (O)
State of Consciousness (O)
Consternation a Constant (O)
The Journey Goes on (O)
Winter's Edge (C)
Abject Sentience (O)
To be Alive (O)
Seize the Day (O)
The Other Side (O)
LandPhal (O)
Twilight Scene (O)
Final Desperation (O)
The Lone Soldier (O)
If You Get Tired (C)
Winter Theme (O)
Night Star (O)
The Temporal Plane (O)
Blazing Skies (O)
A Rose in Time (O)
Shadows in the Mist (O)
Minimalisto (O)
Peaceful Aspirations (O)
Before I Wake (O)