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Not bad, but almost sounds "too good " for a first track. Sounds like something out of a video game soundtrack. I smell midi rip. Kudos to you if this is your original work though. I'm gonna sit at a three right now but I'll be keeping my eye on you

Not bad for being relatively new to making music. Production quality is actually pretty good. The piece is enjoyable as well. I can’t help but feel like something is missing, like maybe on the high end. Either that or the mix seems unbalanced towards the low end. But compositionally, I like it. I wasn’t knowing what to expect, and this was a pleasant surprise.

EgorPLAYbel responds:

first comment ever, lol. thank you for estimating! I'll try to work on the things you mentioned.

Not bad for a first piece here on newgrounds. I'd like to hear a few more tracks from you to get a sense of your music. From what I can tell from this piece, you have decent cinematic sense but I'm not sure if this really follows a time signature. Don't get me wrong I like free-form pieces but timing is what makes the difference between musical meandering and an actual composition. That said, some good ideas but I would like to hear at least one other instrument to give it a little more depth. Good luck on your musical journey! Cheers, -G

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very nice, reminds me of some old comics I used to read

moonroot responds:

Thank you very much!

Love this!

nice job! I'm doing a song based on this for my Art-Inspired Tracks series

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